Top Things to Do in the Outer Banks in Winter

outer banks winter things to do

Whether it's super warm or you can feel the chill in the air, the Outer Banks is a beautiful respite from the busy world. With so much beauty and natural landscape around, there are plenty of activities to explore and discover on the barrier islands. From tours and museums throughout the Outer Banks to cozy movie nights in your vacation rental, you're sure to find something to fall in love with while you're here. 

Whether you're bringing a large group of friends and family or you want to make a romantic getaway, start planning your trip today with these exciting things to do in the Outer Banks in the winter. 

Outer Banks Winter Fishing

If you want to get some excitement in your winter getaway to the Outer Banks, fishing is a great way to have a blast & work on your skills. Your best option in the winter is chartering a fishing boat to take you offshore where the activity increases in the Gulf Stream for migrating fish. You get to enjoy the expertise of the ship's captain while also getting the chance to reel in the big one. Charters can be a lot of fun even in the winter, just make sure to pack a coat! 

There are other options as well including near shore fishing, pier fishing and surf fishing. Different species appear at different times throughout the year so this gives you the chance to catch fish that you aren't as used to seeing in the summer months. Make sure you have your fishing license and you can find that information on the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission page.

Explore the Lighthouses & Museums

The Barrier Islands have a rich history dating back to before settlers even came over to North America. From Native American tribes that used to settle in the area to the Wright Brothers taking flight in Kitty Hawk, there is so much to see and explore in the Outer Banks. Winter can be the perfect time to explore the museums and area attractions that allow you to go indoors for a while to escape the breeze.  

Take a helicopter ride along the islands to get a unique perspective. Explore the famous lighthouses in the area like Cape Hatteras and learn about their history. Go see The Elizabeth II, a historic 16th century vessel that gives you a peak into the history of what the first settlers would have come to North America on. There are many attractions in OBX to enjoy so start planning out your trip today! 

Take a Sipping Tour of OBX

Get a true taste of the Outer Banks and take a tour of the different breweries, wineries, and distilleries on the islands. You can enjoy a relaxing day touring around the different spots and enjoy your favorite drinks made here locally. If you enjoy your drinks on the fruitier side, take a visit to Sanctuary Vineyards where you can learn about the entire process of making wine form grape to glass. Their delicious wines and beautiful venue offer a relaxing place to enjoy a glass or take a bottle back to your vacation rental

If you prefer something stronger or more hoppy you can visit a distillery or brewery. Make a trip to Outer Banks Distilling for a taste of their Kill Devil Rum. They specialize in all kinds of rum which is the perfect drink for pirates and beach lovers alike! If you want to just take it easym try Growlers to Go with locations in Duck and Kitty Hawk and choose from a wide variety of beer and get a growler to take back to your rental and pair with your oceanfront views. 

Take Advantage of Concierge Services

Winter is not the easiest season to always endure so why not treat yourself to a little pampering? Winter offers the chance to focus on your self-care and Brindley Beach offers specialized concierge services to make that happen. You can order your groceries to have them delivered directly to your vacation rental for a hassle-free snack or take advantage of a private chef and hire them to cook the meal for you so that you can just focus on rest and relaxation. 

There are plenty of concierge services to choose from in OBX including in-home services like a personal trainer to stay in shape before summer returns. You can also bring in a personal masseuse for a relaxing massage or hire a babysitter so you can go treat yourself to a spa treatment and visit to the winery. Make this the perfect getaway and restore with many personalized conceriege services that are offered through Brindley Beach. 

Cozy Up in Your Outer Banks Vacation Rental


What could be more relaxing and enticing than a personal retreat to the Outer Banks in a vacation rental that sits directly on the ocean. Enjoy stunning sunrises every morning with your coffee and sunsets in the evening with your glass of wine. You'll get to cozy up with your family for a movie night and have unlimited access to high-speed internet if you need to get some work done during the day. It might be a little too chilly for the pool but after the work is done, you can enjoy the hot tub that comes standard in many of our vacation rentals. 

Gather in your fully-equipped kitchen for a homecooked meal with your family and then play some games afterward. There are endless ways to enjoy your vacation rental in this slice of paradise and you can choose from homes of all sizes to find the perfect one for your family. However you like to unwind, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for in the Outer Banks even in the winter. 

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